Project: Cable Modem Status

Description is a small script that scrapes the web interface of a Motorola SURFboard cable modem for various status conditions like signal strength and signal to noise. The results are sent to STDOUT where they can be easily piped into a log file. The modem values are also checked for reasonable operating ranges. If the modem values are outside of reasonable operating ranges, results are also sent to STDERR. When run from a cron job, can be used to monitor the condition of the cable service and notify someone before conditions cause service interruptions.
Change Log

Last Update Release Release Notes Download
2007/03/06 0.15 Confirmed model SB4200, suppress librsvg warning modem-0.15.tgz
2007/02/28 0.14 Now with RRDs support modem-0.14.tgz
2007/02/22 0.13 now supports model SBV5120E modem-0.13.tgz
2007/02/19 0.12 removed dependency on LWP::Simple modem-0.12.tgz
2007/02/18 0.11 added model: SB5100E modem-0.11.tgz
2007/02/17 0.10 initial release modem-0.10.tgz
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