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Changed!   Package Repository Proxy

Updated: 2007/10/19 (bugfix: fixed skip_check checking)

Repo-proxy is a package repository proxy. When a package manager is configured to use repo-proxy, all package requests will be copied and stored in a local cache directory for future use. If you have more than one machine on a local network they can all share the same package download cache saving you not only bandwidth, but lengthy download times as well.
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Here's what I have on the go right now:

Name Last update Vers Description
contest 2005/10/03 0.10 Web/Email Contest Manager (Initial Release)
modem 2007/03/06 0.15 Cable Modem Status (Confirmed model SB4200, suppress librsvg warning)
repo-proxy 2007/10/19 0.02 Package Repository Proxy (bugfix: fixed skip_check checking)

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